The team at Fareham Centre are committed to making your visit a safe and enjoyable experience within a family friendly environment.  With this in mind we ask that you please observe our centre rules to ensure an experience that all of our visitors can enjoy.

The following are not allowed:

  • Aggressive, abusive, violent or otherwise threatening or confrontational behaviour towards centre staff or any member of the public
  • Any actions that may be perceived as intimidating, for example the wearing of motorcycle helmets and hoods, or any groups loitering either in the centre or car park
  • Anti-social behaviour, including swearing, shouting, spitting
  • Any animals or pets in the centre; assistance dogs are of course welcome
  • With the exception of mobility scooters and wheelchairs, vehicles are not allowed within the centre. Vehicles not permitted include cycles, skateboards, roller blades, segways, scooters, micro or electric scooters or any similar product 
  • Cycles must not be walked within the centre
  • Use of a drone, this includes inside or over the centre or car parks or anywhere else within the centre’s periphery
  • Running, climbing, or sitting on any balustrade, barrier, planting, fence or railing
  • Blocking access to any entrance, exit, emergency exit, retail unit, corridor or parking area
  • Sitting on the floor, both on the mall and externally on any paths, landscaped areas or in the car park
  • Misuse of shopping trolleys, please use a direct route from the B&M Store across Osborn Square to the centre car park.  Shopping trolleys are not permitted anywhere else in the centre
  • Leafleting, canvassing or the conducting of any interviews and surveys within the malls or car parks unless agreed by Centre Management in advance
  • Unauthorised selling of goods on the malls or car park
  • Filming and photography are not permitted unless agreed by Centre Management in advance. The use of tripod equipment is not permitted.  If you want to film within the centre, please come to the centre management office to discuss with us first.  Taking photographs of family or friends is fine
  • Shirts / tops and footwear must be worn
  • Dropping litter
  • Busking

There are also legal conditions which visitors must comply with:

  • There is a strict no smoking policy (including vaping) inside the centre or car park
  • Alcohol is only to be consumed within licensed premises. Customers must stay within the boundaries of the premises that they have purchased their drink from
  • Possession of any type of weapon is prohibited

In the event that that a temporary or short-term requirement is needed to comply with national legislation and/or local restrictions, the centre will display clear direction of what is necessary and ask that all visitors follow the directions.  For example, the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the introduction of public safety measures, including social distancing and wearing of face coverings; a range of signage within the centre and support from Fareham Shopping Centre team members helped make the measures clear to all visitors.

This list does not cover everything.  Fareham Shopping Centre is private property, and we reserve the right to deny entry to any visitor or ask any visitor to leave whose actions we feel are inappropriate. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our Visitor Code and we look forward to welcoming you at Fareham Shopping Centre.